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What is Calisthenics(calisthenics)?

What is Calisthenics(calisthenics)? Now most people burn their fat, build up iron muscles, in various fitness clubs, spending a lot of money on it, because the perfect body is the dream of any person, and to get it one needs only a few dollars. In this article, I will tell you what is calisthenics, what it is and whether it is worth it.First of all, let's define what calisthenics is not:1. it is not a training of muscle growth, but a therapy for those who want to improve their figure. The author of the training program should not be called a professional, but a trained individual who has overcome problems of various types should not be called a professional.2. It is not a cure all, but a first line of treatment. Many people resort to sports for weight loss, emotional support, etc. But many people also need to be active in their life, be it at work, at school, walking in the yard, taking a bath, etc. And some people need it even more than others. 3. It doesn't do anything, but it's not broken. As mentioned above, this is not necessary, calisthenics helps. If people really want to get rid of fat, then this is not the way to do it, calisthenics can not work on fat, they can certainly help in this. But people need to realize that this is a long-term process, and in the not-distant future, you will not be able to train in calisthenics.4. It doesn't make sense from an organism's point of view. When people start training in calisthenics, they immediately think about how to start losing weight. But most people, including professional athletes, do not think about the fact that physically active people have a higher risk of getting injured than those who are inactive. This is due to the fact that the training process changes the brain chemistry, making them less able to focus on the correct exercises. In addition, people with a high level of physical fitness have a reduced incidence of osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases and a number of other diseases. People with reduced immunity, diseases the elderly, people with weakened immune systems, and people with inadequate nutrition all have a higher risk. It is not surprising that those who are most physically fit have the highest level of overall fitness. Thus, those who lose weight, those who want to get rid of it, those who are just starting to train, those who have less physical activity but better overall fitness. Everyone has a unique situation and needs to find the balance between training and health. For example, if you want to lose weight, then power training is probably not for you, but functional training such as functional training with a ball or dumbbells, or street walking is likely to be just as effective.I hope I helped you in some way in your quest to become better. By the way, if you still have any questions or if I can help you in any way, write me and I'll be glad to answer it. If you liked it or found it useful, please post and subscribe to - Read the same way:As promoted 30 years ago. Old-fashioned ones methodsHow to start your morning to have a high