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Morning fitness

19.01.2021 | Morning fitness | 24

I washed the floors, fell-did push-UPS!

Fitness maniacs cannot be stopped by closing fitness clubs, parks, sports playgrounds and courtyards! We have a home! It has remained open for us! And that's great! In your own apartment, you can work wonders and practice as well as...

19.01.2021 | Morning fitness | 22

What is Calisthenics(calisthenics)?

Now most people burn their fat, build up iron muscles, in various fitness clubs, spending a lot of money on it, because the perfect body is the dream of any person, and to get it one needs only a few dollars. In this article, I will...

19.01.2021 | Morning fitness | 6

The first competition

A little background about how I was given 200kg in the deadlift. As I said earlier, my working weights have stalled at certain points. Traction for a long time was 150x6One day I throw my working weight into a deadlift and ... I rea...

19.01.2021 | Morning fitness | 23

How to learn more and stay motivated?

Success! Now you know how to learn more and stay motivated. Learn more and stay motivated. As a result, you will be more successful and you will feel better prepared for the challenges ahead. 🧐I'll start right now: what are chall...